Can a hummingbird
make your communication
in 80 beats per second?
Europromas Media is the creative heart of Hummingbirds, the heart of the Europromas Group.
A Division made up of people who work together every day.
We give energy and ideas to customers of all sizes, with passion and professionalism to make winning their approach to the market, in Italy and in International scenarios.

Web Design
and website development

Design and development of websites (php,, jsp) B2C, B2B, with mixed target of great technical complexity and size, both Adaptive and responsive.

Development of systems
for E-business

Design and development of
e-commerce B2C, B2B, with mixed target, based on php-mysql and/or solutions developed on custom forms and integrated (core Prestashop or Magento...).

Developing solutions
for Mail-Marketing

Design and development of activities and strategies of mail-marketing with professional and technical management training/delivery systems on the systems themselves (Mail, Infomail...).

Social Media
Strategy Development

Design and development of social media marketing activities, continuative and/or spot, on different networks: Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest, Istagram etc.

advertising strategy development

Design, set-up, launch, management, monitoring and reporting activities for high-performance online advertising campaigns such as Google Adwords, Youtube Display and Trueview, Facebook ADS and Linkedin ADS.

Digital animation
2d and 3d

Design and development of conceptual videos or product (basically web oriented) 2D and/or 3D including sound (voice and/or music) development and finalization.

Mobile apps
design and developing

App developing dedicated to different targets (sales, product marketing, events, cultural activities, promotion...) with different advanced features (geolocation, e-business, gallery etc) across more platforms and mobile devices.

Web-oriented software
and multimedia games

Design and development of complex code dedicated to the development of web-oriented software and other multimedia applications in particular on line gaming and web-security.

Creativity and
brand developing

Creative design for brand building and B2C/B2B brand developing. Brand design and 360 degrees brand identity.

Applications of
graphic design

Creative design and presentation of communication projects dedicated to the product and the brand: simple or complex catalogues, brochures, leaflets, folders, flyers and development of large format graphics.

Creative packaging
and technical progress

Creative design, technical analysis (feasibility) conceptual and executive development of both creative packaging solutions, whether technical or industrial.

Traditional advertising
and media planning

Analysis, planning, design, development and management of B2B and/or B2C advertising campaigns in various media with both full-service and focused solutions.

Trade-marketing, BTL
and in-store communication

Creativity and graphic design solutions for in-store communication, below the line, dedicated graphics at the point of sale, RETAIL, B2B events...

B2B and/or B2C
partners activities

Organizational consultancy, project management and team management and work processes across all fields of communication in B2B and/or B2C (cross-marketing).
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